Microchipping for your pets in Shrewsbury 

At Copthorne Veterinary Clinic, we can microchip your cats and dogs with ease. Contact us today to book your appointment. 


Microchipping your pet ensures that they won't have to be away from home for too long, if they happen to go missing. Microchipping is a simple, pain-free process of inserting a microchip beneath your pet's skin. This chip will contain the pet owner’s contact information and the pet’s name and description. When your beloved pet is recovered, they can be identified and returned to you easily.

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Reasons to get your pet microchipped:

  • It is now a legal requirement to microchip all dogs
  • A quick and easy process
  • Microchipped pets can be reunited with their owners easily
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Expert microchipping services

Here at Copthorne Veterinary Clinic, our highly experienced microchip implanters will carry out the procedure quickly and safely. We can also advise you on the registration process.
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